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With experience working at Japanese branches of top international corporations like Apple and Oracle, authors Yamamoto and Konishi bring you everything you need to know in order to make it in global business. Interlaced with tales of lessons the authors learned the hard way, as well as episodes of their interactions with renowned business figures such as Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison, English for International Business illustrates how learning key English phrases can significantly improve your business’ standing internationally.

Message from author Kenji Yamamoto: “Even though I worked at top corporations like IBM, Oracle, EMC, and Apple, my dealings with people like Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and Tim Cook led to repeated episodes of frustration and anger about my limited English capabilities. In this book, native speaker Konishi introduces fantastic examples of English explained so well that even a person like me with horrible English can understand their meaning. It’s really embarrassing to share my terrible English with readers, but I hope that by comparing my English to Konishi’s, you can learn how to express yourself more clearly and articulately. I plan on using this book for my own studies!”


・  A terrifying email from Steve

・  A private conversation with Tiger Woods

・  Cracking a joke at a golf tournament with Bruce Fleischer

・  My own performance review

・  One on one meeting with board members

About the Author

Kenji Yamamoto

After working at Japanese branches of IBM and Oracle, Yamamoto went on to be the Vice President of EMC Japan, later becoming a special member on the Oracle Japan Board of Directors. In October 2004, Yamamoto became Vice President of the Apple Japan American Sales Division. In September 2009, he resigned from his post, and is currently President of Communica INC. Yamamoto has authored multiple books.

Maya Konishi

After graduating from the Keio University School of Law with a degree in politics, Konishi earned her master’s degree in linguistics from the University of Colorado, USA. While living in the USA, Konishi worked as a professor of sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology. After returning to Japan, Konishi worked at the Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities company headquarters. She left her post there in 2011 to become a freelance translator and interpreter. As of 2012, Konishi is currently employed at Communica INC.

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