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No matter how much you exercise and cut calories, are you still unable to lose weight?

The Enzyme Diet Program is the perfect solution for you!

This no-fuss program requires that you just add one enzyme-rich dish to your diet a day. You’ll see results in just one week after adding the 64 raw meal, smoothie and sweets recipes to your daily routine.

What makes the Enzyme Diet Program stand out from the rest is its comprehensive body-type based food recommendations. Breaking readers into four different groups based upon where they store fat - pears, apples, mangos and bananas – the program is complete with a wide variety of recipes specially designed to suit their weight-loss needs and satisfy taste buds.

Whether enjoying some blood orange sherbet, sesame cucumber salad, or avocado and banana smoothie, dieters will not only lose weight but improve their blood flow, reduce bloating, swelling, wrinkles and blemishes.



How Does the Enzyme Diet Work?

The Enzyme Diet by Body Type

Enzyme Recipes for Pears

Enzyme Recipes for Apples

Enzyme Recipes for Mangos

Enzyme Recipes for Bananas

Enzyme Diet Desserts

Seasonings for Enzyme Dieters

The Secret Connection Between Enzymes, Beauty and Youthfulness

Selected Recipes

Avocado and Cucumber Tartare

Eggplant Salad

Spicy Mustard Carrot Cole Slaw

Kiwi Banana Shake

Carrot, Okra and Seaweed Salad

Tomato and Celery Soup

Blood Orange Sherbert

Raisin Soy Ice Cream

About the Author

Misa Matsuzaki

Matsuzaki is an Enzyme Nutrition Instructor and the Chairman of Blooming Lotus Studio. Matsuzaki became aware of the impact food has on the human body after her daughter developed eczema and completed a set of courses on enzyme nutrition science at through the Tsurumi Enzyme Nutritional Scienze Organization (Tsurumi Koso Eiyougaku Youkai).

Following her studies, Matsuzaki opened the Blooming Lotus Studio in Tokyo’s exclusive Roppongi district, offering yoga courses and a “Natural Diet Meister” certification course that teaches students how to create their own original diets for both weight loss and beauty. She is a councilor for the NPO Table for Two that combats hunger in developing nations and obesity in the developed world.

Supervisor: Takafumi Tsurumi

Tsurumi is the head of the Takafumi Clinic. A graduate of Kanazawa Medical University, Tsurumi uses a combination of Eastern and Western medicine at his clinic and is well-known for the use of fasting, enzyme nutrition and other homeopathic methods to cure patients from complicated medical diseases.

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