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Creator of the internationally loved 1.5 million + selling KEN KEN Puzzle, Tetsuya Miyamoto, is back with the next big thing in the puzzle world! Perfect for those who are tired of Sudoku and other run-of-the-mill number puzzles, the new Miyamoto Number Puzzles are sure to provide everyone from novices to veterans with hours of brain-twisting fun.


How to Enjoy First Class Puzzles

The rules for the puzzles in this book are simple and easy to understand, the problems are not. Puzzles range from 7 X 7, 8 X 8 and 9 X 9 grid sizes, all of which are so difficult you’ll find it impossible to solve them in just one sitting. We recommend you take your time solving each puzzle, viewing each one as a test of your trial and error techniques. If you find yourself stuck, close your eyes and take a break. You might even want to take a quick nap to see if any hints come to you in your dreams. After all, taking a step back and returning to solve later is where the real enjoyment in puzzles lies.

Even if you were to fly around the world ten times it’s unlikely that you’d be able to solve all of these puzzles before landing! If anyone manages to solve all the puzzles and finds themselves craving more, please do not hesitate to contact the editors – we’ll bring you an even more challenging book to follow!

About the Author


Miyamoto  produces various mathematical puzzles as his own teaching materials for primary school students, many of which have been used in various publications. Miyamoto’s publications, including the popular KEN KEN Puzzle , have sold over one million copies worldwide.

With the personal motto that “having enough smarts to survive will let you to pass the entrance exam at any school,” he founded his own cram school specialized in mathematics. While some pupils who entered his cram school did not particularly excel in academics, by devising his own teaching methods that he refers to as “of teaching without teaching,” the majority of his pupils have successfully passed entrance exams for a number of prestigious schools in Japan.

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