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This is co-written business book by a professional accountant and the project manager of an IT software company. Though their fields of expertise differ from each other, both authors agree that any able businessperson must have the latest OS in their brains no matter neither occupations nor industries they belong. This book explains forty-five rules to achieve ways of thinking and mentalities necessary to improve your brain.

From the Introduction:

Of course you will need certain skills in order to succeed, but it will not generate any results if you can’t apply them well; you need to have the right skill for the right situation and time. It could be that the skill you acquired may prove to be useful only under specific circumstances. You will need the ability to be aware of this and fully utilize it – in other words, intelligence operational ability. This ability is the OS equivalent, and the skills are software applications when it comes to computers. Those who can think fast have the highly upgraded inner OS inside their brain.


About the Author

Yukiya Kubo

Yukiya Kubo is the President and CEO of Inspire Consulting Ltd. Having worked at Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau, he placed himself at listed companies where he was involved in various projects, which then led him to establish own consulting firm in 2008. He is now involved in management consulting for system developers, constructors, restaurant franchise, trade companies and many other types of corporations. As well as an author he is also an active lecturer who gives talks at 50 seminars a year.

Hidenori Shibamoto

Hidenori Shibamoto is the CEO of Process Design Agent Inc., as well as the author of many books. In a world where quality and speed form the crux of success for businesses, Shibamoto has worked as a project and production manager for several highly successful IT projects, many of which involved him leading over 150 team members. He is currently in charge of planning of business process and management consultation.

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