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This is a book written by an internationally renowned Japanese Buddhist monk Ryunosuke Koike, whose works have been published in Korea, Taiwan, and China.

In this book, Koike explains that if we abandon our greed for money and only buy what is necessary that we should be able to achieve true and everlasting happiness in our lives even at a time when you are left with no money. Rather than seeking materialistic satisfaction, Koike illustrates that there are many ways to find happiness in this world regardless of whether you have money or not. Based upon Zen Buddhism teachings, this book suggests that we can only find happiness once we stop consuming and learn how to resist our worldly desires.


- Why do we feel unhappy even though we are surrounded by material wealth?

- Three ways to deal with your desire for more

- Ways to use money for happiness

- The three mechanisms behind happiness

- How to live a wealthy life without being rich

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About the Author

Ryunosuke Koike

Ryunosuke Koike is a Japanese monk who is actively involved in practices that extend beyond traditional Buddhist boundaries, such as holding meditation classes, and running his own website "Iede Cafe." Koike is charismatically popular amongst younger generations for his comprehensive yet easy to understand stress-busting Zen and Buddhist teachings. He has published 15 books in a three year period, with approximately 900,000 being printed in Japan. His latest work Buddha’s Voice Reinterpreted in Modern Words has sold over 200,000 copies alone.

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