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This advanced edition of the Genius Workbook – Learn About Polyhedrons by Connecting the Dots, is an entertaining and effective workbook perfect for all children, offering exercises to help them hone their arithmetic abilities to prodigy level. Introducing connect-the-dot exercises that help children visualize how three-dimensional objects work, as well as training their short-term memory, this volume from the “Genius” series is both entertaining and useful. For elementary school students of all levels.


About the Author

Ninchi Kougaku

Founded in 1989, Ninchi Kougaku (Cognitive Engineering Laboratory) is a cram school located in central Kyoto that is well-known for helping its students enter the most prestigious middle and high schools. With the motto to use your head and think,” Ninchi Kougaku’s methods, encourage students to work on problems on their own so as to help prepare them for the future. Their teaching methods are highly regarded in the education industry, and have been applied to primary schools and major tutor schools across Japan.

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