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 The ninth installment of the 850,000 copy selling "Business Course" series has arrived!

In Komiya’s latest volume he explores how current economic and political problems have contributed to a decrease in peoples’ ability to take action and “get things done” along all levels of society. Floundering industries across the board are the direct result of decreased motivation and will to get things done. Exploring the multi-leveled threats this drop in motivation poses, Komiya introduces 56 habits any businessperson can easily add to their daily work routine to increase productivity.

The methods introduced in this volume define “actions that produce results” as “the ability to get things done,” and include a wide variety of tips and examples that will help you achieve the following three:

  1. Get moving
  2. Produce results
  3. Continue producing results.

By simply making a few adjustments to the way you work you can change not only yourself, but your company and country as well. However, in order to do so you must have good intentions and a sense of duty from the start. This small book packs a mighty punch and is sure to change the very core of all who read it.


Part One: The Mechanism the Controls Our Ability to Get Things Done

  • Chapter One: Breaking Down the Process to Get Things Done
  • Chapter Two: Fundamental Knowledge to Become a Person Who Gets Things Done

Part Two: Habits to Improve Your Ability to Get Things Done

  • Chapter One: Habits to Help Get You Going
  • Chapter Two: Habits to Help You Produce Results
  • Chapter Three: Habits to Help You Continuously Produce Results
  • Chapter Four: Habits to Help You Live a Happy Life
  • Chapter Five: Habits to Help You Take the First Step

About the Author

Kazuyoshi Komiya

Komiya is a management consultant and the Chief Executive Officer of Komiya Consultants. He also serves as external director and corporate auditor for over ten companies.

Born in 1957, he entered Kyoto University and graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1981. After working at the Bank of Tokyo, he studied abroad for two years in 1984 at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College in the United States, where he obtained his M.B.A. After returning to Japan, Komiya gained experience in management strategy and information systems, as well as in marketing and analysis at the Bank of Tokyo. Komiya then became a director of Okamoto Associates, Inc., where he was involved in international management consultation. During that period he participated in the Cambodian PKO as an international electoral observer in the early summer of 1993. From May of 1984, Komiya has been actively involved issues surrounding home-care as a planning manager of the Japan Welfare Services (currently Saintcare Holdings Corporation). He established Komiya Consultants in 1996, where he continues to work.

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