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Regardless of nation or creed, those with the power to go above and beyond have the power to change tomorrow.

The skill needed most to get through the hardships plaguing us in the dawn of the 21st century is true leadership.

Though the word leadership tends to invoke images of managing and keeping a group together, true leadership is much more than that. A true leader is ready for any challenge that lies before them, is determined to solve any problem standing in their way and is not afraid to break free from the norm. These are the skills that will allow you to go above and beyond. Leaders are innovators, not instructors.

Using examples of famous historical figures such as Meiji era visionary Ryoma Sakamoto and Steve Jobs, one of the most innovative personalities in the world of modern computing, Asahina provides concrete examples and advice for readers who strive to be more influential.



Part 1. What it Means to “Go Above and Beyond”

1.1  The Power to Move and the Power to Excel Go Hand-in-Hand

1.2  If You Don’t Go Above and Beyond the World Will Never Change

1.3  Aim to be a True Leader

1.4  True Leadership Comes from Going Above and Beyond

Part 2. How to Go Above and Beyond

2.1 How to Become a Person Who Goes Above and Beyond

2.2 What You Need to Know About Going Above and Beyond

2.3 If You Don’t Put Your Knowledge to Use, Nothing Will Ever Change

About the Author

Asahina is CEO of the Aoyama Shachu Corporation, a visiting professor at the Chuo University School of International Public Policy and a visiting senior staff member at the Keio Research Institute at SFC. After obtaining his master’s degree from Harvard University, Asahina worked at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, dealing with energy and export policy. He currently acts as an advisor for reform to a variety of government affiliated and independent administrative institutions and is a member of Project K, a group which strives to reform the Japanese Government. 

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