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Solve your relationship worries today!

It’s said that over 90% of all stress is caused by problems we encounter in our relationships with others. Whether it’s a significant other, friend, boss, co-worker, child or your parent, using choice theory will allow you improve your relationship without sacrificing your individuality.

But what exactly is choice theory?

In a nutshell, choice theory is a set of psychological principles developed by Dr. William Glasser about how in changing our behavior we can improve both our health and interpersonal relationships. Important elements of choice theory include the belief that by changing the way we think and act, we can improve our overall psychological and physical health. Internationally recognized and practiced in over 60 countries worldwide, choice theory provides us with simple yet profound methods to manage our personal lives.

With a strong emphasis on personal improvement, The Golden Rule of Relationships contains a “Know Yourself Checklist” that allows you to create an in-depth personal profile, as well as a life-management checklist to help you assess the quality of your relationships. 


Chapter One: The Single Deciding Factor of Interpersonal Relationships

Chapter Two: How Control Destroys Relationships

Chapter Three: Unlocking the Power of Choice Theory

Chapter Four: How to Effectively Control Yourself

Chapter Five: Ways to Live a Stress-Free Life

Chapter Six: How to Build Sound Relationships

Chapter Seven: The Secrets to Happiness

About the Author

Watanabe is a psychological counselor at the Shin-ei Counseling Center that she founded with her husband in 1996. At the center she offers a variety of services for her primarily female clients including reality therapy and counseling on love, marriage, parenting, work-life balance, and improving interpersonal relationships. As a counselor she has worked with over 2000 patients, and has also headed counselor development seminars with over 300 attendees. In addition to her work at the Shin-ei Counseling center, Watanabe is also the founder and head of the NPO Japan Reality Therapy Society. 

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