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In life, we can choose whether to marry or not.

If nobody proposes to us we can’t say “I won’t get married” – it becomes “I can’t get married.” However, it’s important that we don’t get sucked into believing that “one day my prince will come” or “once I hit my 30s I’ll have no problem getting a guy.” There’s no such thing as a prince on a white horse waiting to sweep you off your feet, and it’s not like the younger you get the more attractive you’re going to become. Women who have been co-habitating with their boyfriend for a long time but still haven’t been proposed to need to get their heads out of the clouds too – the longer you’re together the farther away the chances of marriage become.

So, what can we do in order to get married?
If you’re in your 30s or 40s, your best bet is to create a short-term, full-on battle plan. You need to have an arsenal of knowledge under your belt to achieve your goal. The same strategies you used in your 20s to get a guy simply aren’t going to work now.

The first portion of this book examines the positives and negatives to marriage, while the second portion gives 15 reasons women have trouble getting married. The final portion of the book introduces a variety of effective methods to meet potential marriage partners.


Part 1. The Positives and Negatives to Marrying

Part 2. And Why is it You Can't Get Married?

Part 3. Realistic Problem Solving - How to Meet Potential Marriage Partners

About the Author

Tomonori Morikawa is a professor at the School of International Liberal Studies at Waseda University. Graduating from Waseda, he went on to complete a master’s program in politics at Boston University, later earning a second master’s degree in international relations, and a Ph.D in politics at the University of Oregon. Morikawa worked for both the United Nations Development Programme, as well as the International Fund for Agricultural Development, and as an associate professor at Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho.

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