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“Health" is the most important thing for a businessperson to maintain in order to succeed at work. A doctor who works at a teaching hospital introduces how to stay fit based on the latest scientific evidence.

This book offers not only an introduction to getting fit, but also methods discovered by author Kawada during his own quest for fitness that are effective and long lasting. Based upon his own theory that sound health is indispensable when it comes to producing great work and getting promoted, Kawada provides a wealth of advice for how business professionals can get and stay fit under limited time constraints.


- Thirty minutes a day exercise on a household treadmill

- Using a juicer to consume large amounts of vegetables and fruit at a time

- Setting up a sleep schedule

- How to include healthy fats in your diet

- The benefits of coffee and gingko leaf extracts

About the Author

When performing anti-aging exams, Dr. Kawada takes a preventative approach to treatment, encouraging his patients to live a healthy lifestyle and asserting that mental health and diet go hand and hand. This approach has received coverage in lecture, TV, radio, and magazines. As a researcher, he focuses how both anti-aging and regenerative medicine can be integrated with traditional medicine treatments. Dr. Kawada is an associate professor for the Department of Hematology and Oncology at the Tokai University School of Medicine, and is the head of the Anti-Aging Center at the Tokai University Tokyo Hospital. Dr, Kawaba is a recipient of Shigeyoshi Matsumae Academic Award, The Tokai University Medical Association Award, and the Hiroshi Sasamoto Award.

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