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Instead of devoting your time to becoming a specialist in one particular area, become a “super generalist” by learning a little bit about as much as possible – then use your general knowledge to help put you ahead of the rest at work!

This book is not for those hoping to create a somewhat successful trend, but rather those who are hoping to take the nation by storm with their next business success. Covering everything from creating a concept, picking your team members and how to get them to work for you, how to make your concept a product, and then how to make the product into a major trend!


-    Successful designer brand cafes in Japan (Gucci, Cath Kidston, Jill Stuart, Mercedes Benz, etc.)

-    Designer hotels such as Claska and the Dojima Hotel

-    Co-op office space “The Share”

-    Major leisure spots such as the The Tokyo Sky Tree, Hikarie Department Store, Tokyuu Plaza Omotesando-Harajuku

-    And more!

About the Author

Sadahiro Nakamura

After working at the upscale department store Isetan, Nakamura founded his own company, Transit General Office, in 2001. With the corporate mission to  “create a multimedia playground for food, art, design, music and fashion,” Nakamura is highly respected both within Japan and abroad.

Our Books