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To students who find themselves thinking:

“Books? What do I need to read a book for?”

“But I’m too busy with school and extracurriculars to read…”

“I don’t know what kind of books to read…”

“I’ll start reading once I’m done with school.”

While there are lots of you who think this way, it’s a total waste! Reading can help you:

-    Learn new words and ways to think logically

-    Improve your ability to understand, write, and concentrate

-    Expose you to new points of view

-    Help give you the knowledge necessary to survive in the “grown-up” world

But for those of you who are still worried that you don’t know what to read – no need to worry! Students from some of Japan’s most elite universities have written this book to help you find the perfect title to boost your brain. Even though reading takes little effort, it’s fun and can help improve your mind, so why not pick up this book and learn what to read today?


About the Author

PICASO (University Students’ Publishing Community)

PICASO is the only commercial publishing community consisting of students from several universities in Japan. In addition to planning and writing, they are in charge of various activities aiming to promote self-produced books designed to help students.

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