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“Reading is such a pain!”

“My eyes get tired after reading too much text.”

“I’m too busy to make time to read a book.”

If the above sounds familiar to you, than this guide to “reading with your ears” is the perfect book for you. Learn how you can more effectively use your time by listening to audiobooks rather than reading. This guide includes a guide to outstanding audiobooks and audiobook services, as well as scientific explanations as to why listening is more effective than reading!

By using the “reading with your ears method” you can increase your reading capacity drastically while also making the most of your time. Whether during your morning commute, on your daily jog, or even as you relax in the bath, the places and ways you can “read with your ears” are limitless.

Another fantastic feature of the “reading with your ears” method is it allows you to give your eyes a break The amount of time we spend every day using our eyes to do things like read the newspaper, watch television, work on computers, send text messages from our phones is increasing drastically. Reading with an audiobook is the perfect way to pamper your eyes after long hours of staring at screens.

To get the most out of your audiobook experience, How to Effectively Learn by Listening includes guides to the different kinds of audiobook providers, how to purchase from them, useful tools, recommended audiobooks, and more!


-      Why audiobooks allow you to enjoy reading by threefold

-      How to start reading with audiobooks

-      Audiobook recommendations

-      Why is “reading with your ears” so good for the brain?

About the Author

Wataru Ueda

Ueda is the founder and president of Otobank Inc. Inspired by his father who lost his sight to glaucoma, Ueda decided that he wanted to do work that would help the blind, spurring him to open Otobank. As an author he has published multiple titles on studying, listening to learn, and personal growth. 

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