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A nice voice draws out your charm!
Express yourself better by developing the power of your voice.

Have you ever wondered why you couldn't fully convey your feeling to others, or felt that you were left out of a conversation? The author suggests that that is because the power of your voice wasn’t effective enough. The reason why you’ve been told your voice is “too quiet,” “difficult to make out,” or perhaps even “not convincing enough,” is all because your voice is lacking in power.  We present this unique personal growth title featuring the solution for those who are troubled by this kind of problem.

The book consists of various exercises to enhance the power of your voice by improving the tone of your natural voice you normally use, which will increase self confidence and help you find new potential in yourself.  This isn’t an ordinary how-to book on techniques to make yourself look better for certain occasions, such as giving presentations or speeches. Instead, it illustrates how you can make yourself more appealing by refining the way you let out your voice, manner of speech, posture, and your mentality in certain ways. In this book, author Misumi Otsuki, an experienced vocal trainer for various singers and business executives, sets 10 levels to measure the degree of appeal of your voice, ranging from the kind of voice you use to talk to someone one-on-one to the voice to move the masses, providing different exercises for each level. 


• The power of your voice equals your own ability
• Never let your voice be a handicap
• Release your voice as free as it can be
• Use 7 types of voice for different occasions
• Speak in your own words

About the Author


Misumi Otsuki (MISUMI)

Misumi Otsuki, more commonly known as MISUMI, is a vocal trainer and the chairman of Magical Training Lab, an organization that provides vocal training to renowned singers and business executives. Using her knowledge of human anatomy, as well as physical training and breathing techniques, she developed her own unique method of voice training. She has been involved in more than 500 music composition projects for TV advertising and music albums. One of her most notable works was her contribution to production of the albumDream Society by Roy Harper, an artist who has influenced the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Kate Bush.

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