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This is a book on WOM (word-of-mouth) marketing studies.

It a well-known fact that everyone knew the Hollywood blockbuster Avatar would be a record-breaking film three days before its release. Successully solving this unprecedented challenge in marketing studies, authors Yoshida, Ishii, and Aragaki present a mathematical model of WOM (word-of-mouth) marketing success, which can be used to mathematize CGM (Consumer Generated Marketing). How to Make a Megahit explores the megahit production process and provides a concrete methodology for how to produce megahit products.

With Ishii’s thesis “Mathematical model for hit phenomena as stochastic process of interactions of human interactions” gaining significant attention from the academic and entertainment sectors abroad, a number of articles about his hit-prediction model have been written recently. This book offers an unprecedented challenge in marketing studies in providing a mathematical model of WOM (word-of-mouth) marketing success.

Bloomfield Noble: Buzz more Important than Advertising

CNN – The Marquee Blog: Can an Equation Predict Box Office Success?

Hollywood Reporter: Japanese Scientists Produce Mathematical Model to Predict Box Office from Social Media Activity

New Journal of Physics: The ‘Hit’ Phenomenon: A Mathematical Model of Human Dynamics Interactions and Stochastic Process


About the Author

Narihiko Yoshida

Yoshida began his career working for Canon Records (currently Pony Canon Records) with his work as a creative director and advertising producer contributing to the wild success of music groups like “The Checkers” and “O-Nyanko Club.” After leaving Pony Canon, Yoshida went on to be the executive vice president of Digital College. 

Currently, he is the president and CEO of Hit Content Laboratory, INC., a board member of Tay Two, and a lecturer at Digital Hollywood University.Yoshida is a graduate of the school Mechanical Engineering at Waseda University.

Akira Ishii

Ishii is currently a professor of Applied Mathematics Engineering in the field of Mechanical Astronautic Engineering at Tottori University. In 2008, Ishii became the head researcher for the CREST research project, whose purpose is for the advancement of the development of science and technology outside of major Japanese cities. His paper on mathematical approach to WOM marketing analysis has been featured in the New Journal of Physics , Science , and CNN.

Ishii is a collaborative researcher at the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, and a researcher at the Digital Hollywood University Hit Contents Research Department. He is a graduate of the Waseda University School of Science and Engineering.

Hisashi Aragaki

Aragaki is currently attending the Tottori University Graduate School of Engineering Research for his doctorate in mechanical astronautic engineering. Aragaki is a member of the Digital Hollywood University Graduate School Hit Contents Research Department, and a member of the Japan Marketing and Science Society.

Aragaki holds a masters degree in Digital Content Management from Digital Hollywood University.

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