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“I need to ask you, what is my purpose?

Why am I here?

Why is my life so important?

Who am I?”

This is a spurring and inspiring fantasy set on the planet Venus in the year 2900, where Corits, robots resembling human, live and discover the importance of friendship, courage, and life.

One day, young Corit robot boy named Ipa attending the Corit school Lindrangu, finds himself involved in a mysterious quest for discovery after he sneaks into the place where all Corits are created: “the factory.” Searching for answers to questions he has about his identity as a Corit, Ipa and his friends become involved in an incredible journey filled with mystery and adventure in order to unravel the truth behind their identities!


About the Author


Receiving awards for her work as a painter, sculptor, and landscape gardener, Teruko says that she simply loves too many activities to pin herself down to just one. With her son becoming a renowned jazz pianist at the age of seven, Teruko wrote the book I am Coritnot only with the hopes that she could encourage him to read, but also with the thought that it could become the basis for nightly storytelling throughout her son’s childhood. Praised by both young and old alike, Teruko is currently working on its sequel.

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