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The U25 Survival Manual Series was created in order to help readers 25 and under make it through these difficult times. 

Junior high school graduate.

Social withdrawal disorder.


Unsuccessful author.

These words can be used to describe author Ieiri before he found success as the founder of an extremely popular crowd funding service website. I want more Freedom from My Job contains advice from Ieiri on how to overcome social barriers and live an honest life for the sake of yourself, not others.

Message from the author:

“There’s only one thing I want to covey to readers: It’s ok to live the way you want to.

If you think that social norms are wrong, then it’s ok not to force yourself to fit in. Living a life against the norms brings with it a lot of chances and opportunities.

If you feel like running away, then it’s ok to run away too.

And after running away, there’s something you can do.

If there’s anything you want to do, then give it a try. It’s ok to figure things out as you go along, because then you have the opportunity to do anything and everything. If you feel oppressed and tired of forcing yourself to fit into your company or society, it’s ok to let go. Depending upon the way you approach things, it’s completely possible for you to become independent and work the way you want to work.


・  Being critical of “normal”

・Why not try going against society?

・Why not try to break free?

・Why not try to start your own business?

・Why not have fun while doing it?

About the Author

Kazuma Ieiri

Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, creator, and founder of the JASDAQ publically listed paperboy&co,, Ieiri is the youngest company president to have his company listed on the JASDAQ. Regardless of whether on or offline, Ieiri has put his creative and playful approach to business to use through the founding of multiple cafes and companies. In addition to investing in approximately 40 small IT venture companies, he has helped to personally fund a variety of web services.

Ieiri is currently the head of the freedom group Liverty, the president of café management company partycompany Inc., and the crowd funding website Campfire.

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