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This is the first book written by the legendary J-POP singer-songwriter Kohmi Hirose. Kohimi Hirose, the legendary J-POP singer who received vocal training from renowned American voice coach Seth Riggs, whose pupils included Michael Jackson, teaches you how to sing well and enjoy it. Having produced some of the bestselling songs of all time, including the recent charity song for 3.11 disaster relief, “Egao no Megami-sama,” her lessons on becoming a better singer provide readers a rare chance to learn from one of the masters.

In How to Get Better at Singing, Hirose introduces ways to master and enjoy singing that boosts your mind and soul, based on her experiences as both a vocalist and voice trainer. Explaining that neither gender nor age matters when it comes to singing, one of the most important things when it comes to singing is to make use of your whole body, not just your mouth. But how exactly can one become a better singer? It’s much easier than you’d imagine!

Hirose guarantees that even if you are tone-deaf and have absolutely no confidence in your vocal abilities at all, mastering the tips in her book will transform your voice into one that touches the hearts of others. This easy-to-read guide is perfect for any reader, regardless of age, gender, and background.


Some topics covered in the book include:

- Being able to sing is like having your own personal cheerleading squad

- What I learned from Seth Riggs on the relationship between song and mind

- How to avoid singing from your throat

- Conditioning yourself to sing any kind of song

- How to captivate any audience at karaoke

About the Author


Kohmi Hirose

Kohmi Hirose is a widely popular singer-songwriter who has released a train of hits. With millions of album and single sales to boast, her top selling album “The Best Love Winter” sold 2.4 million copies alone, leading to the dubbing of her as the “Queen of Winter.” In addition to releasing her own songs, she is also actively produces and directs the music of others, as well as provide vocal and voice training lesions at the Kohmi Hirose Music School.

Apart from her music activities, she regularly updates her own blog and twitter account, which has over 370,000 followers. She also hosts her own weekly show on Ustream called Friday Kohmi . In 2009, she teamed up with bestselling business author Katsuyo Kasuma to write Connective Power , a guide covering topics about Twitter and its power to connect and engage.

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