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Message from the author:

“Both my husband an myself work full time. Every day we eat breakfast, lunch, and a late dinner. We want to eat together but there are inevitably days where we get home as late as 10PM. It’s just not possible to check what’s in the fridge, whip out a cookbook, and cook a bunch of dishes that take well over 30 minutes to prepare at such a late hour. Eating so late at night isn’t good for the waistline either.

The recipes introduced in this book are balanced yet low-calorie, simple to make, and will leave you with a full stomach. All of the recipes are part of my late-night dinner repertoire and I hope they will help you eat delicious, home-cooked meals no matter what time of day it is.”

This cookbook is designed for dual-income families everywhere. Filled with delicious, vegetable-rich, low-calorie recipes that can be made within 15 minutes, Late Night Meals for Two will solve all your after work cooking worries. Author Shirasaka also describes how to take delicious-looking photos with your smartphone so you can share your creations on the net. 


Selected Recipes

-   Roasted Honey Sauce Chicken Rice Bowl

-   Brown Rice Mushroom Risotto

-   Tomato Sauce Somen Noodles

-   Chinese-Style Dry Vegetable Curry

-   Chicken Chowder

-   Udon Carbonara

-   Pork and Mushroom Soba Noodles

-   Chicken Ham

-   Pumpkin and Carrot Cream Soup with Somen Noodles

-   Bite-sized Inari Sushi

-   Bean Salad

About the Author

Shirasaka’s personal motto when it comes to food is to “have fun cooking!” She is always inspired to prepare meals when she sees the smile of those eating them. She is one of the most popular users on the Japanese cooking-themed social media site “miil,” and has amassed over 30,000 followers (as of November 2012).

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