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Companies that economically viable put effort into the following three resources:

  1. Making sure that their management principles are completely in sync.
  2. Making sure that their employees are motivated.
  3. Making sure that employees, their families, clients, and society feels connected and trusts the company.

Lead Your Company to Business Success by Making Your Employees Happy features the following 12 companies, chosen out of a survey conducted of 4,500 companies for their adherence to the above guidelines and are actively working towards creating a brighter future for both their employees and society.

-    ISF Net Japan – An IT company dedicated to the creation of jobs.

-    Sugi Seika – A food manufacturer that contributes back to local areas it operates out of.

-    Kogawa Keikaku – A driving school that has students come from all across Japan to learn there.

-    FP Corporation – A food company whose mission is to connect people to others, to nature, and to companies.

-    Swan – A bakery and café that employs disabled persons to work with the unimpaired.

-    Iwami Ginzan Lifestyle and Culture Research Institute – Committed to sustaining traditional Japanese products.

-    Syunzai – This circulation company distributes fish caught by local fisherman throughout Japan.

-    Mono-ya – A traditional accessory maker that primarily uses fossilized gems and stones.

-    Tree of Life – A company that promotes the appreciation of nature and health through their herbal and aroma therapy products.

-    Shikoku Kanzai – With its management mission stating that the company aspires to be “a cleaning company that people dream of working for,” Shikoku Kanzai is a new kind of building management company.

-    Felissimo – A mail order company that contributes to the disabled through the production and sale of its products.

-    Achievement – A personnel training company that aims to create a world free of bullying and discrimination.


- How being a "company with values" will get you through the 21st century.

- Examples of "companies with values"

About the Author

Koji Sakamoto

Koji Sakamoto is a professor of Graduate School of Regional Policy Design at Hosei University.Having visited more than 6600 companies and studied lifestyles of various executives andemployees, he has written many books on corporate value released from major publishers.

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