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This is the newly updated, illustrated edition of the 100,000 + copy-selling 2008 bestseller on work techniques.

Do you find yourself spending one or two hours on work that could be completed in just five minutes?

Rather than worry about the work itself, it’s time to focus on how you work and what you can do to improve your efficiency. Requiring no special abilities, willpower, memorization skills, excessive motivation or talent, the techniques in this book will improve your efficiency by bounds!

Whether sorting tasks based upon their difficulty, to improving time-management and even coming up with solutions for when things go wrong, this illustrated guide combines anecdotes from the author’s life with simple yet powerful tips on how to reduce stress and help you take on new challenges as a business person. Complete with seven check-list activities in the back, this book is the perfect addition to any business persons’ library.


Part One. Systematizing Changes the Way You Work

Part Two. How to Make Your Work Systematic

Part Three. Use Checklists to Maximize Your Efficiency

Part Four. To-Do Lists for All-in-One Management

Part Five. The Power of Systemization 

Appendix. Worksheets to Help You Begin Systematizing

About the Author

Masato Izumi

Izumi is the CEO of Financial Academy Inc. and a guest professor at Kobe Shukugawa Gakuin University. Izumi founded Financial Academy in 2002 in response to public need for test preparation classes. Since its foundation over 210,000 students have studied economics, accounting, personal financial planning and investment at the school. As an author Izumi has penned 28 titles, selling over 1 million copies cumulatively, with some of his books published in Korea, Taiwan and China.

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