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It is a handbook on how to use lifelog, whose presence has been widely spread by emerging smartphones. This book explains how lifelog can help you lead a happier life by improving 7 aspects including losing weight, saving money, and tidying your work via using appropriate apps such as Evernote and RunKeeper.

About the Author

Shogo Sasaki

Shogo Sasaki is a psychology journalist and an author of technology gadget handbooks. Born in 1973, he graduated from Dokkyo University in 1997, and began working for Docomo Service immediately after graduating. In 2001 he entered the Avila University Psychology Department, and after graduating went on to earn his doctorate in Psychology at the Nevada State University of Reno in 2004. In 2005 Sasaki returned to Japan and published a variety of technology and gadget handbooks. 

Sayaka Tomi

Sayaka Tomi is an IT engineer born in 1981. After graduating from the Tokyo University Graduate School of Information Scienvce and Technology, she began focusing on development of systems for manufacturing and finance industries. She currently writes a lifelog to keep a record of her day-to-day life.    

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