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Anti-aging medicine to preserve youth and extend life is a subject that is very much in the international spotlight.

In this book, a doctor specializing in anti-aging medicine introduces with accurate medical rationale, effective health management methods for preserving youth and the secrets to living a long life.

In addition to our age counted from birth, humans also have a "biological age" which refers to the degree to which the body itself has aged. Biological age, which calculates a person’s degree of youth or premature aging, is determined by examining the condition of blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and by examining other measures of health. The biological age of a person does not always match their actual age, meaning it is actually possible for a 40 year old to actually be 70 years old biologically.

Though we cannot control the passing of time and stop ourselves from chronologically aging, it is possible to control our biological age with anti-aging medicine. While traditional medicine typically is utilized to detect and cure disease, anti-aging medical practices are designed to make healthy people even healthier. In this book specialist in anti-aging medicine, Dr. Masakazu Sawanobori, introduces accurate medical knowledge, effective health management advice, methods for preserving youth, and the secrets to living a long life. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to maintain a youthful, healthy, and happy life.


About the Author

Masakazu Sawanobori

Dr. Sawanobori devotes himself to clinical medicine as a hematologist for the treatment of blood cancer, including leukemia and malignant lymphoma. As a clinical physician, Sawanobori has taken to heart the significance of preventing illness, devoting as much energy into the practice of anti-aging medicine as he does to his lifework, the treatment of cancer.

Dr. Sawanobori is an adjunct professor at the Hematology Division of Tokai University, and holds a variety of medical certifications from Japanese and international organizations

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