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Are you always worried about not being able to meet your goals?

Wonder why you just can’t seem to seal the deal?

If you think any of these career problems have anything to do with luck, then you’re sorely mistaken.

Successful salespeople don't need a single ounce of good fortune to help them consistently meet their goals. Sales is a fine science with specific, workable methodologies behind every contract and last cent of profit.

This easy-to-read guide, written by one of IBM Japan’s top salesmen of all-time, introduces 69 steadfast rules and methods to help readers improve their sales. Starting off with the basics, Takano covers everything from developing creative thinking skills, to improving flexibility, becoming a stronger strategist and even using social psychology to improve interpersonal relations, this is the ultimate guide for those new to sales as well as those looking to brush up their skills.


Chapter One. Mater the Basics: Sixteen Ways to Become a Top Salesperson

Chapter Two. Twelve Ways to Creative Thinking Can Improve Your Numbers

Chapter Three. Seventeen Foolproof Methods to Boost Your Profits

Chapter Four. Ten Ways to Create Effective Sales Strategies 

Chapter Five. Fourteen Psychological Principles to Use on the Job

About the Author

Takano is the CEO of Smartline Inc., a sales and consulting firm helping businesses that range from startups to multinational corporations, and a director for Xtone Inc. He began his business career working as a sales representative for IBM Japan after graduating from the Faculty of Law, Keio University. By the time he was 35 Takano had become the youngest (at the time) sales department head in IBM Japan history. Before founding Smartline in 2001, Takano worked a variety of positions at both IBM Japan at its American headquarters, including acting as a member of the board of directors.

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