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Author Keiko Obana, one of Japan's top makeup artists known as the “Queen of Make-up for Businesswomen," explains that the secret to creating a good impression in business situations is the ability to apply make-up. There are many people who, despite religiously following application steps from how-to guides, can never seem to get their make-up right. Tired of wasting precious morning time on make-up that never comes out the way they had hoped, for many women applying make-up can be a dreadful and intimidating task. In this book, Obana explains that the successful businesswoman is not only skilled at her work, but also able to strategically create a face that makes others trust her, like her, and want to work with her. This illustrated guide is easy to understand, providing a variety of useful tips for make-up application.


About the Author

Keiko Obana

Obana is a popular makeup artist known as the “Queen of Makeup for Office Ladies," and has a large following of female fans in Japan. She is also a highly-regarded authority on eyebrows, earning herself the nickname “Eyebrow Guru," and has produced her own original eyebrow kit. Obana is currently involved in an array of activities such as collaborating with women's magazines, professional beauty publications, advertisements, appearances for television, radio, and events, and delivering lectures on her work.

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