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After sparking the “beautiful little witch” beauty trend amongst Japanese women in their 40s, master marketing specialist and magazine editor Yamamoto explains how readers can find their own “blue ocean” (a new, untapped market). Covering everything from finding and creating your new market, to how to protect it from competitors, this is the definitive book on marketing in the 21st century

But what exactly is a “beautiful little witch?”

She’s a middle aged woman, primarily in her 40s, who is in search of the perfect balance between graceful, beautiful aging and youthfulness. This blue ocean market has sparked the development of hundreds of new anti-aging, cosmetic, health, fashion, hair care, esthetic, and medical cosmetic procedures worth approximately $13 billion US dollars a year!

In a world filled with red ocean markets it’s increasingly difficult to find blue oceans. However, the key to finding a blue ocean is not to look for it, but rather, make it yourself. Learn how to create new customers, products, solve your marketing troubles and more with this single book!


Part 1. Are you asking what consumers really want? Discover your blue ocean through “secret desires”

Part 2.  Are you really trying? The relationship between target management and product branding

Part 3. Have you put yourself completely into it? End-closing management and the creation of lifestyle products

Part 4. Have you shaken things up? How to monetize your market

About the Author

Yuki Yamamoto

Yamamoto was the creator and chief editor of the women’s magazine STORY from 2005 to 2011. In 2010 he started a nation-wide contest in search for the ultimate “beautiful little witch,” turning the concept into a popular consumer movement. He is currently the president of the company Gift. 

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