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The disaster struck northeast Japan on 11 March has caused grave physical damages but it has also left significant impact on individuals’ relationships, especially women’s perceptions on love life. Since the disaster, not only that there has been a surge in both numbers of marriage and divorce, but consumption and lifestyle patterns are also beginning to change. Toko Shirakawa, the journalist of bestselling Marriage Hunting which has been sold more than 190,000 copies, explores the background of such marriages resulting from disaster, and social changes that may be triggered in near future. 


About the Author

Toko Shirakawa 

Shirakwa is a journalist whose main pursuit lies in tackling topics such as declining birth rates and women’s issues. Her workMarriage Hunting sold more than 190,000 copies and sparked a nationwide marriage hunting (konkatsu) boom in Japan.

In addition to writing she is also a marriage hunting advisor, a member of the Japan Society of Family Sociology, and a visiting researcher at Bunkyo University.

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