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According to author John Kim, “happiness is when a person is able to be themselves. Happiness is when a person is able to live a life in which they love themselves.”

Reflecting upon all the troubles and worries he personally experienced during his 20s and how he resolved them, readers will find their hearts mysteriously feel lighter and refreshed after they finish reading. 


-    “We aren’t invited by the world. We are the ones who invite the world.”

-    “We come into this world from a place of silence, and then return to a place of silence.”

-    “Life isn’t a competition with others. Don’t rely on standards to judge how your life is going.”

-    “What’s important in life isn’t ‘beating out’ others, but rather continually endeavoring to become a better version of yourself.

-    “When we find ourselves feeling unhappy, it’s because we’ve forgotten what a wonderful thing it is that we’re alive.”

-    “The things we remember most are the things we ought to forget. The things we forget are the things we ought to remember.”

-    “While doing the things you love can bring you happiness, you’ll find more happiness in learning how to love the things you must do.”

About the Author

John Kim

Originally born in Korea, later coming to study in Japan on a national scholarship, Dr. John Kim is a specially appointed associate professor of Media and Governance at Keio University. He completed his Ph.D. in Mass Communication at Indiana University, USA, going on to earn his Ph.D. in General Policy at Chuo University, Japan. His previous titles include senior researcher at Oxford University in England, University of the German Federal Armed Forces, and visiting scholar at Harvard Law School.

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