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The concept of Dan-Sha-Li, a Japanese cluster busting method inspired by Buddhist philosophy designed to make your life more profound with less possessions in hand, is now a massive social movement sweeping its way through Japan. Though there are many publications on the subject of Dan-Sha-Li, this unique volume is written in the form of a comic book essay, a popular genre amongst young female readers. Through reading comic strips depicting the author's real life episodes, readers can experience her Dan-Sha-Li cleaning spree as if they were their own, taking its methods to heart as they read on.

This sequel following in the footsteps of the first Buddhist Clutter Busting focuses more on invisible waste, such as memberships and insurance you can't remember even signing up for. This book tells you how to achieve a happier and peaceful life by getting rid of the unnecessary obsessions in the same easy-to-follow comic format featured in its predecessor.


- Getting rid of stuff you’ve left at the house you grew up in

- Smart ways to utilize storage

- Improve your quality of life by repairing broken objects

- How to shop wisely

- Cleaning out your computer

- Learning how to let go

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About the Author

Junko Suzuki

Suzuki is a popular illustrator, who has been released serials in various comic magazines, as well as published a number of her own comic book anthologies. Her comic Dosugoi!! Maji Koi Donto Koi!! garnered great success as a weekly comic exclusive to mobile phone users. Her latest pursuits include titles outside of the story-comic genre, publishing comic-essays such as Buddhism for First Timers (PHP, paperback), and Buddhist Clutter Busting (Discover 21).

Nobuko Kawabata

Kawabata is a psychotherapist who originally started her career at a management consulting firm. After getting into ‘Dan-Sha-Li,’ her personal record for purging was a whopping 30 garbage bags full of stuff – so much that it had to be carried away on a small truck. Feeling that ‘Dan-Sha-Li’ had an extremely positive influence on her mental well-being, Kawabata is now trying to share ‘Dan-Sha-Li’ methods with a wider audience. 

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