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Junko Nakamura’s comic book styled guide depicts easy and fun ways to manage kitchen gardening. This autobiographical book chronicles a year of her life as her relationship with gardening transforms from a minor hobby to lifestyle.

After being shocked by the expensive prices of vegetables, Nakamura decides to try growing her own at home with a kitchen garden starter kit. After successfully growing mushrooms, onions, herbs, and carrots indoors, she decides to try her hand at balcony gardening next. In no time at all she finds herself renting out a plot at her local community garden, working her way up to growing cultivating a wider variety of vegetables while dealing with pests, bad weather, and other challenges.

Included in the book are recommendations for when and where to plant vegetables, what gardening tools to buy, how to deal with unexpected problems, and how to use the internet to your advantage.


About the Author

Junko Nakamura

Having worked for several companies as both a full and part timer, Junko Nakamura got herself into the comic industry by working as an assistant for 13 years. Nearing 40, she has now found peace of mind and enjoyment as a kitchen gardening hobbyist.

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