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The world we live today has gone through dramatic transition from what it once had been before the Lehman Crisis in 2008 and the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster that struck Japan, known as 3.11. At the time where we can no longer hope for constant economic growth, how can we lead most fulfilling work style? From own research where the author Sumiko Kajiyama undertook interviews with various business executives, she introduces ideas on work and happiness we need to bear in mind in order to survive the world today.


About the Author

Sumiko Kajiyama

Sumiko Kajiyama is a journalist and broadcast writer, who completed her Ph.D. at NYU. She began working at Yomiuri Shimbun while studying at NYU and later became a freelance journalist writing for AERA, Bungei Shunju, and other Japanese magazines while living abroad. After returning to Japan, Kajiyama primarily worked as a broadcast writer and news commentator. Deeply interested in issues effecting working women, she runs seminars with themes such as “Work and Happiness 101” with them in mind.

She is the author of many book, including New Rules to be Happy with Your Work , The Realities of Domestic Violence (Discover 21), and What You Need to Enjoy Work and Life (PHP Institute).

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