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Though the term nomad worker often brings to mind images of those traveling with the seasons from one manual-labor based job to another, a new form of white collar nomadic workers is steadily growing on a global scale. We can divide these nomads into two types:

  1. Nomadic workers cross geopolitical borders and boundaries as members of corporations or as individuals in order to work.
  2. Corporations and individuals whose workplace is not centrally located, allowing them to work anywhere in the world.

With these two kinds of workers increasing year by year, how do we as members of society deal with these changes? What can we do to survive in such a rapidly changing world?

Author Oishi, a leader and researcher at the “Nomad Research Center,” documents the careers, businesses, work and lifestyles of those living in Southeast Asia. This illuminating volume on the ins and outs of nomadic working styles is filled with hints on how to adapt to this new working style, how to raise children well-equipped to become nomads themselves and more.


Chapter One. Jaques Attali’s Theories on Nomadic Workers

Chapter Two. The Connection Between the Global Elite and Nomadic Work

Chapter Three. Professional Divides Between Upper and Lower Ranking Nomad Workers

Chapter Four. Nomad Entrepreneurs

Chapter Five. How to Raise a Generation of Nomad Work-Ready Citizens

Chapter Six. Free-Roaming Digital Nomads

Chapter Seven. Tips for How to Make it Through a Nomadic Business World

About the Author

Tetsuyuki Oshima

After graduating from Keio University Oshima worked at Accenture as a consultant before becoming an independent consultant. He’s garnered attention in recent years for his discourse on global careers and the increasing number of nomadic workers. He is the author of multiple bestsellers and the president of Timberline Partners Inc.

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