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Considering the time where it is ever more difficult to examine the reliability of overwhelming mass information, the author stresses the significance of being the only owner of ourselves, and become independent to be able to survive no matter what happens. The author of bestselling Platform Strategy and the professor at BBT University founded by Kenichi Omae, illustrates how to create own platform, which can be then applied to enhance careers, arrange the collected data in order, and create own network of key personnel, which he considers as necessary skills for all modern businesspersons.


About the Author

Carl Atsushi Hirano

Carl Atsushi Hirano is a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School, a professor at BBT University in Japan, and the president of Net Strategy, Inc. After graduating from the Tokyo University School of Economics, he worked for a variety of Japanese companies, including Rakuten, Tower Records, and NTT Docomo, where he made the “Mobile Wallet” (Osaifu Keitai) application a smash success.

In addition to his work with educational institutions and as a consultant, Hirano is also an active lecturer and writer, with his titles becoming bestsellers in Korea, Taiwan, and other foreign countries.

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