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Outstanding businesspeople excel at making proposals and presentations!

But…! No matter how many assignments you get at work, you still don’t entirely understand what exactly needs to go in your proposals or presentations.

Sound familiar?

A person’s ability to consistently produce good presentations and proposals from early in on their career will set them apart from the rest, leaving everyone else behind. But how can you catch up when you’ve never been taught how to make either at school or work?

While the thought of making a Power Point or speaking in front of others might terrify you, this is not what making a presentation or proposal is all about. Your primary focus should always be finding the most effective way to express your thoughts and ideas to others, a skill which will serve you well both in and outside of work.

Author Kyoi teaches readers everything they need to know about making the perfect presentation or proposal in this fully-illustrated, easy-to-understand guide perfect for those new to the business world.


Part 1. The Most Important Elements of a Good Presentation and Proposal

Part 2. Gathering and Analyzing Data

Part 3. Pick a Concept for Your Proposal

Part 4. Condense All of Your Ideas Into a Single Proposal!

Part 5. Tricks to Get You Through Any Presentation

About the Author

Kyoi is a Chief Communication Planner at Dentsu Inc, where he is involved in a wide variety of projects addressing business challenges. He is also known for developing a new model for lifestyles in the social-media era called SIPS. Kyoi has published multiple books and is a part-time lecturer at Tokyo City University.

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