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Write and draw you way to becoming the kind of girl who gets proposed to!

No matter how much you dream of getting married, simply dreaming about it isn’t going to make it a reality. If you don’t have a partner, getting proposed to is definitely not on your horizon either, so you’ll need to find just the right guy who would want to propose to you but…where to begin? What kind of person is going to make you most happy after marriage?

In the fully illustrated Get Him to Put a Ring on It Shibasaki introduces her five-step program to help women get closer to making their dreams of marriage a reality. As readers visualize what they would be like to get proposed to, their happy life after marriage and their ideal man through writing and illustration exercises, they can develop concrete goals that allow them to change their behavior and be more conscious of achieving what they desire. Whether drawing their ideal wedding dress or brainstorming all the personality traits they look for in a partner, the exercises in this book are sure to bring readers extremely close to achieving their goal!


Lesson One (Days 1-2) – Find Your Goal!

Lesson Two (Days 3-11) – Who Do You Want to Propose to You? Finding Your True Love

Lesson Three (Days 12-19) – Pin Down Your Most Appealing Assets

Lesson Four (Days 20-26) – You've Got to Look the Part if You Want to Get the Ring

Lesson Five (Days 27-33) – Putting it All Together

About the Author

Shibasaki is the author of three books and has contributed over 30,000 individual illustrations for magazines and other publications. Struggling to deal with her own complexes, Shibasaki used illustration as a means to overcome her insecurities and become the person she desired to be. With this experience under her belt, Shibasaki began holding lessons for the general public about how to use her method of illustration combined with goal actualization exercises in order to become the kind of person they long to be.

Our Books