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Many books emphasize the importance of winning the hearts and minds of the people, but this book is exceptional in that it instructs how to change communication method depending on the type of the person you are dealing with. The author is one of the pioneering certified coaches (accredited by the International Coach Federation) in Japan and is also one of the best business coaches in this country.  

The Controller exercises leadership with his/her ability to act; the Promoter lifts the team spirit by telling a dream and ideal; the Supporter focuses on consensusbuilding and harmonization within the team; and the Analyzer objectively makes assessment of the situation. Surely these 4 types can be found in any organization, and it is crucial to comprehend them correctly in order to succeed in business and human relations. If you are having a problem in handling your subordinates, or communicating with your colleagues or superiors, try some of the methods suggested in this book, and you will find a right answer.


About the Author

Yoshiyuki Suzuki

Suzuki is the President of Coach A, Ltd, as well as its chief executive coach. He is a master certified coach accredited by the International Coach Federation, and offers coaching training sessions for corporate managers, as well as executive coaching for business owners and executives to help them with organizational reform. He is currently a part-time lecturer at the Kobe University Graduate School of Business Administration. 

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