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Countless people have been deprived of jobs and own home after the nuclear power plant incident which has created growing concern for children's health in future, and at the same time they are losing trust in Japanese government due to their irresponsible and irrational decisions. In this book, Professor Kodama at Tokyo University, the leading figure of research on internal exposure, and his ‘comrade' Professor Kaneko at Keio University re-illustrate what was truly happening behind the whole incident and what we all should do in order to save children from radiation risk.


About the Author

Tatsuhiko Kodama

Tatsuhiko Kodama is Professor of Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology and also the director of Radioisotope Center at Tokyo University, Japan. Having worked as MIT faculty member and medical assistant in the past, he became more specialized in certain field. He is also the author of many books on this subject.

Masaru Kaneko

Masaru Kaneko is a professor at the Keio University School of Economics, who also worked as a research assistant at Tokyo University, and as a professor for Hosei University. Kaneko has published many books tackling a variety of social issues, including nuclear power, globalization, and global finance.

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