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In the wake of the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami disaster, people across Japan began to take a more critical look at the state of the nation, its politicians, and the future of the country than ever before. In response to this growing social dialogue, Fuji Television’s Prime News began a special series examining ten of the most pervasive social and political problems facing Japan today:

- Birthrate decline and the rapid aging of society

- Social instability

- Energy

- Dangers to public finance

- Strategies for growth

- Diplomacy and security

- Gaps between the nation, urban, and rural areas

- Education

- Politics and leadership

This collection of interviews feature on Prime News will not only help readers gain insight into the issues plaguing a post-3.11 Japan, but also provide them with hints and tips for business, as well as opportunities to reflect upon and analyze similar social problems facing their own or other countries abroad.


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BS Fuji Primenews

BS Fuji Prime News first aired in April 2009 with the promise to its viewers that it would “deliver the news and provide dialogue.” With broadcasts airing weekdays during primetime, BS Fuji Prime News covers the latest and most pressing matters with commentary from expert guests. In 2012 the program reached its 700th episode anniversary, and has hosted over 2000 guests and experts to date.

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