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It is difficult to manage housewife’s tasks – not to mention the diverse range of chores they do on an irregular basis. Author Yuki Adakura explains that if you apply the right scheduling techniques, you can manage them easily and also make some time for family and your hobbies. With diagrams and charming illustrations, this book explains the scheduling techniques that the author herself invented, which have helped her become a so-called ‘charismatic housewife.’


About the Author

Yuki Asakura 

Asakura devotes herself to the study of cooking as well as discovering new ways to reduce stress in the daily lives of women. She has gained national media attention for her “almost vegetarian” recipes that don’t use meat, fish, eggs, dairy, sugar, mirin, sake, or dashi soup base. Asakura runs he own cooking school, in addition to regularly updating her blog and homepage.

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