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Though it has become more and more difficult to sell products and services as the Japanese economy worsens, some businesses have experienced growth in their revenue. This book provides detailed case studies of six such Japanese chain store chains, with Yasuo Negishi, a bestselling journalist of non-fiction books, revealing their secrets to business success and the and real intentions behind key personnel who made them possible.

Learn how major chain stores such as K’s Electronics, ABC Cooking School, and the glasses retailer JINS stay abreast of their competitors through Negishi’s engaging case studies that cover everything from business philosophy, unique strategies and techniques that make the stores stand out from the rest, and techniques used to draw in and keep customers.


About the Author

Yasuo Negishi

After working as a weekly magazine journalist, Negishi then been writing interview articles and non-fiction. During his time as an interview writer, he has written articles covering over 3,000 people, including businessmen and ordinary individuals, focusing on their personal episodes.

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