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Mass media of the past followed a strict top-bottom pattern of distributing information, with the masses relying upon mass media for news and data. However, as social media outlets continue to increase in popularity and prevalence, the traditional top-bottom pattern has been reversed, with users being the ones spreading information to the masses. With social media expanding rapidly in the United States, it is likely that it will overtake traditional media outlets in the coming years.

Social media blogger and journalist Tachiiri investigates how social media in the United States is revolutionizing the media industry, and provides predictions for how it will effect Japanese users and industry alike. Though his analysis, Tachiiri provides a number of measures we should take to prepare for the upcoming global waves of the social media revolution.


About the Author

Katsuyoshi Tachiiri

Tachiiri is an independent freelance consultant who handles a number of projects for Japanese companies hoping to break into North American markets, including content translation for online RPGs and film. Tachiiri is an active member of the online community, posting articles and updates on his own blog about the latest IT-related issues and e-book publishing in North America, as well as constructing community websites that allow users to more effectively use social media.

Tachiiri’s published works include Social Media Revolution and 3.11 and the Social Media Revolution.

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