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Renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Shinoura introduces food, drinks, meditation, exercise, massage, and mind training techniques that will help you stay fit, young, and sharp throughout your life. The methods and tips contained in this book are simple, effective, and can be easily integrated into readers’ day-to-day lives.

Although readers may be surprised that a neurosurgeon took the time to write for a general audience rather than a professional article for medical professionals, Dr. Shinoura believes that providing easy-to-understand preventative care information for the public is one of the primary duties as a health specialist. His goal as a doctor is not to get as many patients as possible to come have surgical procedures done, but rather to help patients find ways to stay in the best shape possible to eliminate the need for surgery.

Stay Sharp for Life was written using both Eastern and Western approaches to medical care, which will, according to Dr. Shinoura, become increasingly common over the coming years as its effectiveness in improving neurological functions and quality of life become more widely recognized.

In order to write Stay Sharp for Life Dr. Shinoura personally sought out the latest preventative health techniques, actually tried the techniques himself, verified their efficacy through English-language academic journals, and then came up with his own theories as to why they work from a neurological perspective. 


-      Stress control is the key to mental stimulation

-      Foods and beverages that help keep the brain sharp

-      Reset your brain with mediation

-      Envigorate the brain with exercise and massage

-      Keep the spirit young to keep your brain young

About the Author

Nobusada Shinoura

Shinoura is the head of the Neurosurgery Department of the Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer and Infectious Diseases Komagome Hospital, and is considered to be one of the best doctors in the field of awake brain surgery. Shinoura is a graduate of Tokyo University, and as an author has written numerous books on neuroscience.

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