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In a small town somewhere in rural Japan, there is a cell phone store manager who reveals everything he learned about what it means to work and how to find happiness. With 10 years of experience under his belt, Superb Service is a thought-provoking title perfect for all who work.


-   How to create an environment that will inspire your employees

-   What makes a person trustworthy

-   Rather than rule over your employees, take care of them

-   Forgive mistakes

-   Don’t make negative comments

-   Never forget your customer’s mindset

-   Using the magic word can completely change your workplace

About the Author

Yuichiro Fukushima first started working at a Docomo Mobile Shop as a temporary employee, and gained rewarding experience while working under a tough supervisor. His experiences at the store helped him come to realize the true meaning of work. Having been promoted with unprecedented speed to store manager level in 2002, he continues to serve as its store manager today.

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