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The U25 Survival Manual Series was created in order to help readers 25 and under make it through these difficult times. 

After working at one of Japan’s most elite media-related corporations for six years following her graduation from college, author Mifuyu Ando suddenly decides to quit.

With no real experience, accomplishments, or titles under her belt, Ando finds herself at a crossroads in life. Not knowing what she truly wants to do, she spends six months out of work until she realizes that even without a dream there are still countless possibilities and opportunities out waiting for her. Using her enthusiasm, energetic personality, and social media to her advantage, Ando finds her way into a wide variety of gigs – from television broadcasting, to education, to realty, and advertising, she goes from job to job, earning multiple incomes through a “nomadic working style.”

In Take a Risk! Ando shares with readers her trials and tribulations as a working adult, including advice for how to free yourself from a single company and become a nomadic worker like herself. According to Ando, the most important thing in life “isn’t to become a success story, but instead spend your life trying to achieve more than you already have.”


Chapter 1. Take a Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Chapter 2. Expand Your Horizons

Chapter 3. Become the Editor in Chief of Your Social Media Accounts

Chapter 4. The People You Meet Help Form Who You Are

Chapter 5. Work the Way You Want to Work

About the Author

Born in Tokyo, Ando is the President of the company Spree Inc. She frequently appears as a commentator for programs produced by NHK and Fuji Television, as well as heads the “Self Branding School,” of which she is also the founder. Ando loves cats, traveling, films and reading. 

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