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It is a parable-based business book on story branding and marketing. Set in an imaginary country, a small restaurant far from town, which was originally at the verge of bankruptcy, eventually defeats major restaurant franchise using story branding strategy. The author explains that the concept of story branding can be applied to sales, retail, product development, publicity, presentation, and many other aspects of any business. With the attached worksheet this book is also a perfect material for corporate training.

About the Author

Tetsuya Kawakami

Tetsuya Kawakami is a pioneer of story branding consultation in Japan and is currently the primary representative of the Shonan Story Branding Institute. He first became involved in advertising as an agent, later becoming a freelance copywriter and planner, working on advertising projects for over 50 different companies, many of which he received awards for. In addition to consulting services, he offers advice to individuals through his books and lectures.

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