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In this book Junki Yoshida, current chairman and CEO of own holding company, which makes billion dollars a year, reveals how he managed to have succeeded in business. Recalling his origin as an ethnic Korean resident in Japan, his bold decision to travel to the U.S. alone at the age of 19, and the founding of Yoshida Gourmet Sauce, the man who won the American Dream from the humble beginning explains the true meaning of success, which he discovered himself while going through many experiences.

About the Author

Junki Yoshida

Yoshida  is the founder of Yoshida Group, the holding company of 18 corporations. Since flying to the U.S. all by himself in 1969, he established Yoshida Foods after working as a martial arts instructor in Washington, and a police officer for the Oregon County Police. Having achieved sensational success with his soy sauce based Yoshida Gourmet Sauce®, he is now the current chairman and CEO of the holding company, which makes approximately 30 million dollars a year. In 2003 he received Highline Community College Distinguished Alumni Award. 

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