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For over 2,100 years the Analects by Confucius is one of the most influential philosophical works of all time.

Though to some the name Confucius may bring about images of the ancient, stuffy and old-fashioned, the contents of the Analects themselves are anything but boring: its teachings are still just as revolutionary and stimulating as it first was two millennia ago.  

Confuciusfor Modern Readers by Yasutomi isn’t a mere direct translation, but is rather a selection of some of the most profound quotes from Confucius, translated in an easy-to-understand, modern format. Readers will be both moved and inspired to action in this fresh rendering of a timeless classic.

At the heart of this book lies a message of loving to learn, rather than simply absorb knowledge, as well as how to enjoy life through your pursuits. 


Chapter One: Learning is a Dangerous Pursuit

Chapter Two: What does it Mean to “Know?”

Chapter Three: Benevolence is a thing of Beauty

Chapter Four: Enjoy Life

Chapter Five: The Road is Long and Our Tasks Difficult

Chapter Six: Willpower Cannot be Stolen by Anyone

Chapter Seven: What it Means to be Obedient

Chapter Eight: There’s No Time to Waste on Judging Others

Chapter Nine: You Cannot Teach Those Who Refuse to Think

Chapter Ten: Beneficial Friends, Detrimental Friends

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About the Author

Yasutomi is the author of over ten books and a professor at The Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia at Tokyo University. Earning his MBA from The Graduate School of Economics and Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University, Yasutomi worked as an assistant at The Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University, as well as an assistant professor at the Nagoya University School of Informatics and Sciences, before becoming a professor at Tokyo University. 

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