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The author explains that our work can properly ne acknowledged only by the values derived in the end, and not by hard-working attitudes and working long hours. The bestselling author Kazuyo Katsuma illustrates in details how to maximize the derived values without dealing with work overload.

About the Author

Kazuyo Katsuma

Katsuma is a prominent economics analyst and bestselling author. As an author she has sold over 4 million books total, with her most prominent publications coming from Discover 21, including Kazuyo Katsuma’s Practical Guidebook to Independent Life  andPower of Seven Frameworks: The Key to Business Success .

She has been highly noted globally, as she was selected amongst the Wall Street Journal’s Top 50 Women to Watch, winning Grand Prix of the Avon Awards to Women (the youngest ever), receivinv the Best Mother Award in 2008, and was selected as one of the Young Global Leaders at the World Economic Forum.

After working for the prominent business firms like Arthur Anderson, McKinsey & Company and JP Morgan, she became self-employed. With her strong belief in the potential for growth from personal productivity, Katsuma is constantly contributing to the discussion of social issues in Japan.

She is currently an executive at the Inspection and Analysis Company, as well as a councilor for the Gender Equality Bureau, and a visiting professor for Chuo University.

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