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The author, who commits himself to his strong passion in space rocket production while running a small factory in Akabira City in Hokkaido, calls out for “Everyone to have a dream and to strive to make a society that innovatively works to make things better" while describing his own experiences of successfully running his company and developing space rockets at the same time. A book that will move you and give you courage.


There is a small factory at the northernmost of Japan, whose technical capabilities have been highly regarded by NASA. It is an inspirational account of how a local small factory managed to launch the rocket they developed, which underlines the strong passion that the owner of the factory embraces and the pursuit of dream. Having been published in Korean and Complex Chinese, this true story has moved readers’ hearts beyond the cultural difference.

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About the Author

Tsutomu Uematsu

Uematsu developed a magnet to use for recycling, and later went on to develop rockets with Professor Nagata at the Hokkaido University Graduate School. In 2006 Uematsu established Camui Space Works Co., which engages in developmental research on rockets and satellites.

After graduating from the Kitami Institute of technology, Uematsu began his career at an aerospace related company before working at his father’s company, Uematsu Electric. 

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